Title & Escrow Services

There is a lot more to what cannabis title & escrow companies do than just issue title insurance policies and manage the dispersal of funds. It is extremely important that the chain of title history for your property is searched, an examination is made, a title binder is prepared, and any remaining title issues are resolved before the closing.

Title Insurance

Our partners at The professional staff of cannabis industry experts at Token Title Group do whatever it takes to ensure that your title order is received and processed in a timely fashion. They work directly with the title insurance underwriter to make sure that all closing related communications & documents between interested parties are optimally managed.
They have a unique advantage as real estate professionals (through a sister company) but also work on behalf of their clients with other brokers and agents involved in the transaction. Their proactive mentality and dedicated industry focus help them to perfect every last detail required to provide seamless transactions. They love taking a complex and challenging file and turning it into a positive experience.

Escrow Services

Token Title Group can personally deliver professional escrow services for a wide variety of cannabis purchase business, financing files, commercial settlements and other transactions. As a neutral 3rd party they carry out the specific instructions in a purchase agreement with tremendous care and attention to detail. They additionally take care of all of the disbursements associated with a closing.
Our clients have come to sincerely appreciate the friendly and trustworthy services offered by their escrow division as the industry is unfortunately still plagued by unscrupulous practices. Their knowledgeable escrow officers work tirelessly to ensure that all parties involved in the transaction comply with the terms and conditions of the contract in an efficient and timely manner. Their experience with various types of real estate transactions enables their team to deliver consistent results to every party, all while adhering to the strictest of instructions and requirements.

The following title insurance and escrow services are available to the cannabis industry*:

* Title insurance, escrow services, and closing documents are provided through Token Title Group.

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