Cannabis Blockchain Technology

No need to worry, we are here to make this as simple as possible. Enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain with none of the hassle. We have integrated the technology into all of our systems, including but not limited to: Insurance, Loans, Real Estate, Construction, and Seed-To-Sale Software.


By direct verification of sales through state mandated regulatory software we are able to obtain a significant discount from insurers. At the same time you can rest assured your other critical information is secure and court defensible. From claims to coverage, store all important documentation on an immutable ledger.


From the initial application through fund disbursement, we are able to streamline the entire process and increase approval rates by providing lenders with enhanced transparency. Crowdfunding and P2P loans are crucial for the growth of this emerging industry; the utilization of this technology allows unique opportunities for operators to secure additional capital.

Real Estate

Verifying property information and avoiding any illegitimate calls for “highest and best” are just a few of the exciting features in this sector. Have verifiable proof when your offers were submitted and when/if another is accepted. With the fractional tokenization of properties you can now invest in “micro slices” offering increased diversification and a low cost entry into real estate investment. Easily sell your shares on a secondary marketplace and continue building your empire.


Work and change orders are completely digitized, stored, and dynamically interactive so that jobs can be completed in time and at the estimated price. From estimation through final inspection we “wrap” the information into a complete “bundle” for clients & contractors future reference. This includes permits and pertinent communications that may prove useful in the future.


We do not need to drop any names here, but needless to say there have been a few security concerns with state mandated regulatory software providers. It is our humble opinion that owners should do all they can to ensure that have court defensible evidence that they operating compliantly under their own control. By utilizing our services we can easily provide that and so much more. Learn how we can increase your bottom line by lower your expenses through automation.

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