Cannabis Construction Services

Property acquisition is tough enough, building out a gold standard facility is a complex and involved endeavor. Hire experts capable of bringing your vision to life. Affordable pricing, quality craftsmanship, and work completed in reasonable amount of time.

A Full Service Cannabis Construction Firm

A team of qualified specialists with a combined 150+ years experience. Responsible for construction of over 5,000,000 square feet of marijuana cultivation, processing, laboratory, transportation, and dispensary space. From permitting through the final inspection we know exactly how much our clients have on the line and will do anything needed to get them their final approvals.

Our Philosophy

We view every job as a partnership. Every task that goes into the completion of a job is the most important thing in the world until it is finished and thoroughly inspected. Client satisfaction comes first above both profit and feelings. The majority of our business comes from referrals so we are extremely motivated and creative when it comes to ongoing relationships. This is a tight knit industry that continues to face a considerable amount of challenges; it is important that we all look out for each other.

The Process

It takes integrity, a disciplined mentality, and humility to run a reputable construction company. Things go wrong no matter what you do in this industry and considering the additional complexities inherent in cannabis operations you can multiply that by 10X. Therefore, we have firm policies & processes in place that we constantly monitor & adjust as needed. Data collection and customer feedback “close the loop” so that we are continually improving.

Ready To Bring Your Vision To Life?