About Us: Copper Street Lending

A dedicated team of cannabis industry activists & experts driven to provide financing and other related business services. Operating within a complex regulatory structure and legal grey area can take its toll. Let us help alleviate some of that pressure by providing the capital and support system that you need.

The Green Rush is a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn a fortune:

What are you doing to capitalize on it?

Worldwide Network

With the current federal status of marijuana in the United States it is extremely important to have global network of connections. This is why we are capable of providing services others can only dream of.

Diverse Team

From a professional and cultural stand point, we work hard to make sure that our team is extremely diverse so that we can better meet our customers needs. Over 100+ years combined cannabis experience with specialties including but not limited to cultivation, real estate, financing, insurance, legal, and construction.

A Large Base

With 1,200+ and growing professionals in our network servicing 20,000+ clients we have seen and/or done it all. There is strength in numbers and wisdom in doing business with a company that is well established.

Core Values: