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How quickly can I get the money from a marijuana loan?2019-07-11T18:57:50+00:00

We have seen turnaround times as low as 10 days, but you should expect a minimum of 30 days until you can obtain the money.

Can I borrow money for my cannabis business in exchange for equity?2019-07-11T18:57:23+00:00

Absolutely, there are many lenders that are open to this. They may do a straight equity deal or a debt / equity combination. However, please be prepared to justify your valuation as standard metrics will be used to determine what your business is actually worth.

What do I need to get a loan for my cannabis business?2019-07-11T18:56:40+00:00

That depends on what you need the money for and if your business is operational yet. Typically, a lender will require 6 months bank statements, all pertinent personal and business related information, and a complete list of assets that will be used as collateral.

If I borrow money for my marijuana business, what can I use it for?2019-07-11T18:57:02+00:00

The lender may have restrictions on what the money can be used for, which will all be discussed and outlined in the loan documentation. There are specific options available for real estate, equipment, working capital, construction, purchase order financing, and more.

Can I get a loan for my marijuana business?2019-07-11T18:50:22+00:00

It is possible to get financing but as the product is still federally illegal it can be quite complicated. There is conventional lending available if the applicant meets specific criteria but there is also private money being lent. As the process can get quite complicated, it is best to consult with a professional firm that specializes in cannabis loans.